Rache Bartmoss

The most brilliant (and paranoid) hacker in the Net, Rache Bartmoss invented the Demon and Hound series of programs. He was also the "narrator" of the Guide to the Net and Brainware Blowout sourcebooks (posthumously edited by his rival/colleague, supreme hackerette Spider Murphy). Rache finally flatlined in 2021, either by a lucky Sys0p or poor health due to repeated bouts of malnutrition and dehydration from surfing the Net too long. Fortunately he had top-of-the-line life support to maintain him. Unfortunately, he was too paranoid to trust anyone with his location or leave any means of recovering him. He spent his time deteriorating in a cryogenic freezer (disguised to look like a refrigerator) while still managing to be one of the best hackers in the Net.

Cyberpunk 2020Edit

In the main timeline, Rache suffered "true death" in the opening salvos of the Fourth Corporate War. A mass driver cannon in orbit vaporized his apartment with a direct hit.

Cyberpunk 2027Edit

In the CyberGeneration timeline Rache's body was recovered by the Eden Cabal. They couldn't revive him, but upgraded his hardware so he could communicate through the Virtual Net. He serves as a tutor and mentor to young hackers, teaching them how to use the Virtual Net as their combination playground and abattoir.

Cyberpunk 203XEdit

In the main timeline, Rache left behind boobytrap and attack programs all over the net. When his body was vaporized, his life-support stopped sending the delay codes. The programs went off, crashing systems and frying any netrunners jacked-in at the time.


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