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Here at RSVP we don't have multiple coverage plans to suit different clients, we treat all of our clients the same way, with respect and prompt service. We are the leader in defense medical practices and offer services the others cannot hope to match.

 — RSVP Advertisement, Interface Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1

RSVP is a defense medical service based out in France. The service is usually reserved for the ultra rich personnel of the large metropolitan landscapes in the world. It cannot be found in any smaller or none rich countries. The corporation was originally found only in the European Union, and later branched out to the United States and Japan.[citation needed]


RSVP offers a variety of services for those able to afford it.

Body Guard Services[]

We put at your disposal, not one but two superior bodyguards who are trained specialists in martial arts, ranged combat, terrorist tactics, and urban strategies. These elite fighting machines hear nothing but what you want them to and place your life above their own. Equipped with the latest in detection devices, and armed with the best weapons and cyber-assisted technology, they are more than a match for any threat.

Armored Personal Vehicles[]

The sleekest and newest cars, boat and hover-vehicles covered in the toughest body armor available.

Personal Status Indicator[]

Gone are the days of the Trauma Card for us. We actually monitor your bodily functions and transmit the signals to our nearest Trauma Station. If your signals become erratic or unusually stress laden, a vehicle is warmed up and prepared to arrive on your location in mere minutes. (This feature may be turned off at any time). We also will offer a trauma card for any that desire them.

The best medical care money can buy. All of our strike medical personnel are trained for well over twelve years in the latest medical techniques. (MedTech +7) Even the solos that protect them, in an emergency are as good as other companies' medical personal. (MedTech +4)

Regen Complex 8 healing within the safety of any corporate megacity anywhere in the world.

Services Cost[]

Our Plan costs $150,000 yearly and should we fail to be able to resusitate you, we will insure you for over $1.5 Million to your next of kin.

At RSVP we are not just a defensive medical practice we are a way of life.

 — RSVP, Interface Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1

Regional Offices[]

Berlin, London, Moscow, Night City, Tokyo