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Quickhacks, also frequently called "daemons" or "programs" are an equipment type in Cyberpunk 2077.


Quickhacks can be installed inside a cyberdeck and can be utilized to take out or disorient enemies, and bypass defenses.

Each quickhack has a duration (the time the quickhack will be active), an upload time (the time it takes for the quickhack to take effect) and a RAM cost (the amount of cyberdeck ram is required to infect the target with a quickhack). Not all quickhacks have a cooldown (the time it takes before the quickhack can be used again).

There are 5 types of quickhacks:

  1. Combat
    • Combat quickhacks are quickhacks that deal damage to enemies, often leaving a status-effect on them.
  2. Control
    • Control quickhacks make it possible to orchestrate the enemies' tactics and alter their known patrol paths.
  3. Covert
    • Covert quickhacks allow you to stealth past enemies without drawing too much attention to yourself, and allow you to strategically place enemies and discover objects in the vicinity.
  4. Ultimate
    • Ultimate quickhacks are very lethal and very gruesome. They have the highest RAM cost of all quickhacks.
  5. Vulnerability
    • These quickhacks come preinstalled on cyberdecks, determined by their manufacturer and tier. They are often used on objects and item during enemy encounters with the exception of Breach Protocol.


Quickhacks can be more reliably obtained from the various Netrunner vendors throughout Night City and the Badlands.

They can also be obtained through the Breach Protocol mini-game, at a very low chance which can be increased with the Datamine Virtuoso Perk in the Breach Protocol Skill tree.

List of quickhacks


Image Title Base Effect(s) RAM Duration Upload Cooldown
InventoryPreview Quickhack Combat Contagion.png Contagion
  • Non-Lethal
  • Deals low damage that applies Poison to the target. Spreads to 2 target(s) within a 8-meter radius. Effective against closely grouped targets.
4 2.50 2.00 30.00
InventoryPreview Quickhack Combat Overheat.png Overheat
  • Non-lethal
  • Applies Burn to the target, dealing high damage over time. Less effective against drones, mechs and robots.
3 5.00 3.00 15.00
InventoryPreview Quickhack Combat ShortCircuit.png Short Circuit
  • Non-Lethal
  • Deals moderate Electrical damage to the target. Very effective against drones, mechs, and targets with a Weakspot.
3 0.10 1.00 10.00
InventoryPreview Quickhack Combat SynapseBurnout.png Synapse Burnout
  • Lethal
  • Deals moderate damage that scales higher based on how much Health the target is missing. Less effective against drones, mechs and robots.
5 5.00 4.00 10.00


Image Title Base Effect(s) RAM Duration Upload Cooldown
InventoryPreview Quickhack Control CrippleMovement.png Cripple Movement
  • Disables the target's ability to move from their current position.
4 8.00 5.00 N/A
InventoryPreview Quickhack Control CyberwareMalfunction.png Cyberware Malfunction
  • Disables the target's cyberware abilities. Can disable movement or Resistances. Very effective against fast-moving targets and netrunners.
4 30.00 5.00 N/A
SonicShock Icon CP2077.png Sonic Shock
  • Deafens the target, reducing their ability to detect enemy sounds.
3 30.00 2.00 10.00
InventoryPreview Quickhack Control WeaponGlitch.png Weapon Glitch
  • Jam's a target's weapon, rendering it temporarily unusable.
  • Causes the target's weapon to malfunction, reducing its accuracy and disabling Smart-tracking and obstacle penetration.
4 30.00 5.00 N/A


Image Title Base Effect(s) RAM Duration Upload Cooldown
InventoryPreview Quickhack Covert MemoryWipe.png Memory Wipe
  • Causes the target to exit combat state.
4 8.00 2.00 120.00
Ping Icon CP2077.png Ping
  • Reveals enemies and devices connected to the local network.
1 20.00 1.00 N/A
InventoryPreview Quickhack Covert RebootOptics.png Reboot Optics
  • Resets an enemy's optical cyberware, rendering them temporarily blind.
4 8.00 5.00 10.00
InventoryPreview Quickhack Covert RequestBackup.png Request Backup
  • Calls over 1 enemy squad member(s).
4 10.00 2.00 10.00
InventoryPreview Quickhack Covert Whistle.png Whistle
  • The target will move to your current position.
2 10.00 0.20 10.00


Image Title Base Effect(s) RAM Duration Upload Cooldown
Cyberpsychosis Icon CP2077.png Cyberpsychosis
  • Lethal
  • Induces a cyberpsychosis-like state in the target, causing them to attack both enemies and allies.
  • Sets the status of drones, mechs and robots to friendly, making them turn against your enemies.
  • If no other allies are nearby, the target will commit suicide.
12 60.00 8.00 120.00
DetonateGrenade Icon CP2077.png Detonate Grenade
  • Lethal
  • Forces the target to detonate a grenade in their hands.
  • The type of explosion and its effects are based on the target's grenade type.
12 15.00 8.00 120.00
InventoryPreview Quickhack Ultimate Suicide.png Suicide
  • Lethal
  • Forces a target to commit suicide.
11 12.00 8.00 120.00
InventoryPreview Quickhack Ultimate SystemReset.png System Reset
  • Cripples a target's nervous system, causing them to lose consciousness.
  • Target will not make any noise when losing consciousness.
10 9.70 8.00 120.00


Image Title Base Effect(s) RAM Duration Upload Cooldown
InventoryPreview Quickhack Vulnerability BreachProtocol.png Breach Protocol
  • Break through enemy ICE, making all nearby enemies and devices connected to the network more vulnerable to quickhacks.
0 0.00 0.00 20.00