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QianT (Simplified Chinese: 千替) is a cyberware manufacturer and subsidiary of Kang Tao in 2077.[1]


QianT is a manufacturer of high-end cyberware owned by Kang Tao. Although QianT was mostly used by Kang Tao as a shell company to handle sensitive operations that they themselves could not be publicly associated with.[1]


When Anders Hellman attempted to defect from Arasaka to Kang Tao in 2077, they used QianT's servers to handle all communications about his extraction and relocation. This concealed Hellman from Arasaka, but not the fixer Rogue, who obtained the data from QianT through her network of netrunners and sold it to V. The data revealed that Hellman would be transported aboard a Zetatech Surveyor AV with no escort that would pass through Night City. After that, it would also pass through the unmonitored airspace above Jackson Plains in the Badlands south of the city, where it would be vulnerable. Hellman was listed on the passenger manifest as an anonymous VIP being transferred to Kang Tao from QianT.[1]

Products Line-Up 2077[]

Type Products
Operating Systems QianT Sandevistan Mk.4, QianT "Warp Dancer" Sandevistan Mk.5


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