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Pyramid Song is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Journal Entry[]

Everyone knows you can't just count on yourself in this goddamn city. You always gotta have a few chooms who owe you a favor. And a few you've got dirt on too. But when you've got the kind of choom who starts asking you for weirder and weirder shit? That's when problems start.


  • Meet Judy in the early evening.
  • Talk to Judy.
  • Go to the lake's edge with Judy.
  • Take the wetsuit.
  • Connect to the terminal.
  • Wait for Judy to calibrate your gear.
  • Dive into the water.
  • Follow Judy.
  • Calibrate your gear.
    • Stand in position.
    • Circle around Judy.
    • Go back.
  • Talk to Judy.
    • Follow Judy.
    • Search for clues near the diner and Judy's house. [0/4] [Optional]
    • Follow Judy.
    • Search for clues near the gas station. [0/3] [Optional]
    • Follow Judy.
    • Look for a path into the church.
  • Go to the cottage.
  • Enter the cottage.
  • Talk to Judy.
    • Start the generator.
    • Check on Judy.
  • Grab your clothes.
  • Find Judy.
  • Talk to Judy.


  • Completing this quest will award a box with diving equipment memorabilia for V's Apartment. Moreover, if she was romanced (female V only), Judy will text V some time after completing the mission, attaching a Laguna Bend-screenshot from the braindance she is working on, which then also becomes an apartment memorabilia.
  • If a female V romances Judy, she will text V some time after the mission, saying that she left a gift on her kitchen counter - the Mox shotgun. If Judy is not romanced but the mission was completed amicably, Judy will simply leave the shotgun on the counter for V to find and take.
  • The song Judy is humming can be identified by a Streetkid V as "Only You" by Etta Sorrentino. The melody is part of the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack song "Bells of Laguna Bend" by Paul Leonard-Morgan. If Judy is waiting for V when they arrive at the dive site, she is humming the same melody while she waits.
  • In the underwater section you can find a unique item named the Heart of Laguna Bend. Before finding an access into the church, you can pick up the cross necklace found on top of garbage bags, in the stairs leading to the church's doors.
  • Other items were supposed to be obtainable, though only the aforementioned necklace remains.
    • Vintage camera - In front of Judy's old house. Though you can pick it up, it won't be added as an item. Still, you can give it to Judy.
    • Doll - The doll found inside the barrel in the gas station was also supposed to be added to the inventory.
    • Water-damaged record - An old record of Samurai also appeared.
    • Waterlogged pistol - A rusted old Arasaka Tamayura could be found, though it wouldn't be usable.
  • Not getting intimate with Judy during this mission (by choosing not to touch/kiss her or because of being male), will result in this mission being the last time she appears in game (not counting the video message during the end credits). Judy will have coffee by the lake with V in the morning to explain that she will leave Night City and then gives V access to her now vacant apartment. Some time later, she will send V a text message with a photo of Seattle, explaining that she is continuing her journey after having visited her grandparents in Oregon. If the player follows the advice by Johnny Silverhand, who got annoyed with Judy's illogical behavior, and already leaves while Judy is sleeping, she will not return to her apartment, simply disappear, and even remove V from her contacts. The same will happen if a female V has sex with Judy but then tells her it was nothing more than a "pleasant distraction" the next morning.


  • The title of the job comes from the Radiohead song Pyramid Song.
    • The official music video tells the story of a diver exploring a sunken/flooded city, which is similar to the events of this quest.
    • The music played during this mission is a loose play on the Radiohead song.