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Push It to the Limit is a Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


Immediately after being given the objective to find Solomon Reed, V can randomly come across vehicles marked by a blue steering wheel icon while exploring Dogtown. Entering a vehicle for the first time will cause Muamar Reyes to make contact, telling V that he's been tracking the vehicle they are currently riding in, after which he will give coordinates to a garage within Santo Domingo, Arroyo with the objective to drive the vehicle there.

Along the way hostile vehicles will drive up and attempt to stop the car by killing V or blocking the car. Eliminate the enemies, or lose them by driving out of their range, before entering the garage.

Upon parking in the garage, V can exit the car and leave the building, where Reyes will be standing outside by a Mizutani Shion MZ2. Reyes will invite V to sit inside the car with him, where Reyes will then discuss with V a new scheme involving taking cars from the street and delivering them to garages owned by Reyes. During the conversation an NCPD vehicle will roll up, and a police officer, Ayden Daniels will approach Reyes. It turns out that Daniels is also in on the scheme, and after Daniels departs Reyes can then ask V whether or not they want to participate.

Completing this side job will grant players access to the Just Another Story repeatable quest.

Journal Entry[]

Random car, random place and the usual suspect fixer. Chances are this is all exaaaactly what it looks like. But sure, could be worse. At least El Clowno always pays up.


  • Talk to El Capitan.
  • Deliver the vehicle to the indicated location.
    • Neutralize or lose pursuing enemies.
  • Leave the vehicle.
  • Talk to El Capitan.