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Psycho Killer is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077. It becomes available after receiving a phone call from Regina Jones after completing The Ripperdoc, and after the initial conversation with Jackie Welles during The Ride.


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This job mainly acts as a tracker for the 17 cyberpsycho jobs. Once all of them have been completed, Regina will call V to have a meeting in person, with her comments based on if you had managed to keep them all alive or not before she gives you your reward. The reward is given even if some of them are killed instead of incapacitated.

Title District Act Prerequisites
Demons of War Watson 1
Lt. Mower Watson 1
Six Feet Under Watson 1
Ticket to the Major Leagues Watson 1
Where the Bodies Hit the Floor Watson 1
Bloody Ritual Watson 2 Complete Playing for Time
In-game time must be between 8pm and 5am
Discount Doc Santo Domingo 2
House on a Hill Badlands 2
Letter of the Law Heywood 2
Lex Talionis Pacifica 2
On Deaf Ears City Center 2
Phantom of Night City City Center 2
Seaside Cafe Heywood 2
Second Chances Badlands 2
Smoke on the Water Pacifica 2
The Wasteland Badlands 2 Complete Life During Wartime
Under the Bridge Santo Domingo 2

Journal Entry[]

Ever heard of a fixer by the name of Regina Jones? Not exactly the same league as Dex, but she must've heard about you since she wants to turn you into a one-person army in the fight against cyberpsychosis. Understandable, seeing as most of our heroic badges seem to vanish from the scene at the mention of "cyberpsycho."
Do not fuck this up – one happy fixer will make three others interested in your services.
I still don't get why Regina wants them alive, but I guess the higher you go, the weirder the contracts get. That's the Afterlife for you.


  • Find and incapacitate cyberpsychos.
  • Meet with Regina.