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It's midnight in the zone, all i had for dinner was a couple of bennies and a cold cup of coffee. I've been shot six times, once last week, Yeah, i love being a cop.

– Officer E.Wells, Protect and Serve

Protect & Serve, is a sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020 focusing on Law enforcement.

The book goes into detail on the Cop character class and gives players greater depth in their role. The first section of the book goes through the cops oath, basic training and hitting the streets.

A Large glossary of police terminology is included as well as a look into the various departments within police forces. Everything from the boots on the group patrol division, to the heavy hitting SWAT and MAX-TAC units.

Also included is a look at crime statistics and punishments as well as rules on how to run a law enforcement campaign.



PASS, G. Protect and Serve. 1st ed. Berkeley CA: R. Talsorian Games, 1992

Protect and Serve, Copyright 1992 R.Talsorian Games Inc