The Pride is an iconic variant of the Constitutional Arms Liberty in Cyberpunk 2077.


This iconic Liberty that has been painted in several different blue tints, is the signature weapon of Rogue Amendiares.

It has the unique effect to increase Crit Chance and Headshot Damage, while also adding a small chance to apply the Stun status-effect.


  • Knockin' on Heaven's Door - By grabbing the gun after the fight with Adam Smasher.
  • Ending Reward - After obtaining the Pride in aforementioned quest and finishing the game, upon returning to the "Point of No Return," you'll be rewarded with one. This unlocks the iconic weapon, and every time you finish an ending with that character, you'll receive one as long as you don't already have it in that save file.


  • It was possible to get the pistol before the Knockin' on Heaven's Door main job by simply trying to run over Rogue during Chippin' In. As of patch 1.2 it is no longer possible to run over her.


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