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Powell Chandler is a somewhat frumpy looking middle aged man. He was born and trained in England, where he was born, but he has been living and working in the United States for fifteen years. He is an expert modern video and audio equipment, and has the eye and the courage to get that few other cameramen dare go for. He has achieved notoriety covering a succession of tough stories for Net 54, and has worked around the world wit) some of the Network's premier talent Chandler can also be run as a player character, if desired.[1]


INT 10, COOL 10, MA 9, SAVE 8, REF 7, ATR 5, BODY 8, BTM -3, TECH 10, LUCK 7, EMP 10/?.[1]


Jury Rig +6, Awareness/Notice +7, Basic Tech +7, Cyber tech +4, Teaching +3, Education and General Knowledge+5, Electronics +7, Photo and film +8, Swimming +4, Streetwise +4, Hide/Evade +3, Brawling +3, Handgun +2, Driving +4.[1]


Basic Processor, Machine/Tech Link, Data Term Link, Interface Plugs, Chipware Socket, Basic Cyberoptic, Times Square Marquee, Image Enhancement, Low Lite, Basic Cyberaudio, Amplified Hearing, Sound Editing.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[]

Professional Cyberlinked videocam, digital video/audio recording deck, power supply, portable uplink, portable editing deck, SP 14 armor jacket, walkie talkie, tool kit.[1]


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