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Playing for Time is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077 and the first one for Act 2.


Now back as V but still in an unconscious state, you need to approach the red person in your view, Johnny. Follow his flickering form a few times before you're eventually able to interact with him. The screen will then go black and several cutscenes will take place with some interactions from you to crawl out of the landfill before Dexter DeShawn and Goro Takemura appear.

As you go in and out of conscious, Takemura ends up killing Dex and puts you in his vehicle, undoubtedly to take you to Yorinobu Arasaka. When you come back around, an injured Takemura needs your help and gives you an airhypo. Take it and just as you toss the empty canister, hostile motorcyclists approach. If you fail to use the airhypo before this time, Takemura will be shot to death by the motorcyclists and you'll die in the eventual collision.

If you used the airhypo in time Takemura will hand you a pistol. Use this to take the motorcyclists out only for a third one with mantis blades to show up and who tries to get up close and personal. Eventually another cutscene follows where you can finish it off before Takemura asks for a ripperdoc you trust so you both can get medical attention. After you name Viktor, more cutscenes will play out with Takemura trying to keep you alive and Viktor tending to you both before eventually you regain conscious enough to talk to Viktor.

Viktor will explain that your hallucinations are that of Johnny Silverhand's memories, as when Dex shot and nearly killed you, the nannites on the relic biochip began to repair the damage but, as a result, also viewed your own psyche as foreign and something to be wiped out to be replaced by Johnny's own persona and neither you or Johnny can stop it. Essentially, your own life is now on borrowed time, with maybe a few weeks left before your psyche is gone.

Misty will then come in and take you back to your apartment and gives you vitamins: ones you can take to slow the process and one to speed it up if things get too bad. You can then talk to her a bit before she leaves you so you can rest.

When you come back around, Johnny will be rather hostile and eventually when you try to leave, he'll push you down before you two realize you're mimicking each other's movements, revealing your connection. He'll continue to be rather hostile, slamming your head against the window and slapping the pills from your hand. Crawl towards them and take them to shut the ghost up. You'll next wake up in the shower, this time with no ghost yelling at you.

Journal Entry[]

Don't trust that Takemura. Meet with him, sure, check him out, but keep your eyes open. He's a corporat, meaning he's looking to use you.
Well, chica/broder, looks like we got ourselves into a real fix. No chance in hell I'm wriggling myself out of this one, but you're still alive. And as Misty says, "As long as you're alive, there's hope." Fate's given you a second chance, so use it - get back on your feet. Do that, and consider your best friend's last wish fulfilled.


  • Approach the stranger.
  • Crawl to safety.
  • Neutralize the motorcyclists.
  • Survive the attack.
  • Talk to the stranger.
  • Leave the apartment.
  • Crawl towards the pills.
  • Take the pills.
  • Stand
  • Find something to eat. [Optional]
  • Stock up on ammo. [Optional]
  • Open your inventory and put on some clothes. [Optional]
  • Check your email. [Optional]
  • Read the message from the Megabuilding H10 Administration. [Optional]
  • Leave the apartment.
  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Meet with Takemura.
  • Talk to Takemura.


  • Although listed as the first job in Act 2, the part up until you stand up in the shower is still part of the interlude, and your in-game map, inventory, etc. is inaccessible until this point.
  • The entire map and most activities like gigs and scanner hustles are unlocked after leaving the apartment, but some content remains unavailable until the quest has been fully completed by talking to Takemura.


  • The title of the job comes from the Buzzcocks song "Playing for Time", from their 1996 album All Set.
  • When you leave your apartment or complete all optional objectives, Takemura calls V and asks to meet at Tom's Diner. This is another reference to the song "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega.