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Play It Safe is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.


A Genjiroh can be found behind a closed door on floor 21. The code is 2906. It is also possible to open the door with Technical Ability.

The bossfight against Sandayu Oda automatically triggers once you attempt to disconnect the netrunner. Not killing but merely incapacitating Oda will result in him appearing in Totalimmortal and helping you against Yorinobu Arasaka's forces. From Oda, the Jinchu-Maru katana can be looted.

Journal Entry[]

Since I obviously wasn't invited to Saburo Arasaka's funeral, I guess this sad little parade will have to do - I'm just missing confetti. But in all seriousness, Takemura must have a death wish. He's just gonna jump onto Hanako's platform? Be my fucking guest - we'll deal with the snipers. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for an escape route. This is gonna go all kinds of wrong - I can feel it.


  • Go to the bazaar in Japantown.
  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Neutralize the snipers. [0/3]
    • Reach the first sniper.
    • Reach the second sniper.
    • Talk to Johnny. [Optional]
    • Reach the third sniper.
  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Reach the netrunner.
  • Disconnect the netrunner from the net.
  • Defeat Oda.
  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Connect to the Access Point.
  • Deactivate the security turret.
  • Wait for Takemura to make his move.
  • Escape the parade grounds.


  • The Jinchu-Maru katana can be looted from Sandayu Oda after killing or incapacitating him.
  • The code to unlock the door that contains Genjiroh can be found printed on two doors found on the same floor (29 and 06, respectively).