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The Piranhas are one of the many gangs in Night City.


The Piranhas were a party gang that was generally considered harmless and focused on fun. Around 2020, they were based in a convenience store in the Combat Zone.[1] The gang was focused on partying, centered on a "just because" lifestyle. They also took and dealt drugs, and mugged people.[2]

By 2045, the Piranhas have worked their way into becoming the one-stop shop for bliss. Their parties are capable of turning the post-scarcity Time of the Red into a Neon Wonderland. The Piranhas have moved out of their convenience store and shift their location on a regular basis. Corpse Reviver is the current leader of the gang. Under her leadership, the Piranhas absorbed several other two-bit party gangs. She brought them all together, embraced their talents, organized them into cells known as "shoals." All this was done to turn the Piranhas into the reigning party monarchs of Night City. By this time there isn't a single party in Night City without a Piranha.

Piranha membership constantly fluctuates, but the top leadership of Corpse Reviver and her right-hand badass Bazooka Joe have remained the same. Beyond the parties, Corpse Reviver hopes to use the Piranhas to create her own family that keeps people like her safe, while leeching money from the rich.[3]

One of the shoals created a less addictive, lime-flavored version of Smash called Piranha Smash, selling it to allied gangs such as The Andersons.[4] Around this time, they were involved in a gang war against the Prime-Time Players, which resulted in a ceasefire after a minute of shooting when both gangs' 3D-printed guns malfunctioned.[5]


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