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Pilar was a techie and a major character in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.


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Pillar was a tall male with black hair styled as a mohawk. He has golden robotic hands, and some sort of cybernetic goggles connected to a piece of cyberware that goes down beside his ears all the way to his chin, making him look like as if he has a beard. He is seen wearing a black sleeveless vest with a pair of jeans.


Pilar was an edgerunner of Night City, and was described as a comical and crude techie. He and his sister Rebecca often team up with Maine and his crew to conduct mercenary jobs.[4]

Pilar met his demise after jesting and taunting a cyberpsycho, who shot him in the head with their Projectile Launch System from close range, destroying most of Pilar's skull.[5]

Lucy wrote "You were the only family I ever had" on Pilar, Dorio and Maine's shared niche in Night City's Columbarium.





  • His long arms give him great physical skill. He can be seen juggling bottles and plates in episode 3 Smooth Criminal in front of an audience, when the group around Maine celebrates their coup with Maxim Kuznetsov's car.
  • After David's initiation, the boy receives some side jobs, and one is to deliver a parcel to Rebecca's and Pilar's apartment. Pilar is jumping with joy when he receives the two golden Techie-hands. After his death, Rebecca would have allowed David to take them, but he doesn't want to.


  • Pilar's English and Japanese voice actors previously shared the role of Cheetor in Beast Wars.



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