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The Philharmonic Vampyres are one of the many gangs in Night City.


The Philharmonic Vampyres are an artsy prankster gang. To some they are artists, to others social commentators, and to their victims common hoodlums. Their pranks are often annoying or expensive to clean up if you're the target, but generally not actually dangerous to people. Famous Rockerboys , Fixers, and Corporates have been known to collaborate with the elaborate pranks of the Vampyres.

They are believed to be based in a maze of tunnels and storage rooms below the Bodukkan. This often puts them at odds with Arasaka security.

Though they are generally found around the city center, they do not defend any turf. They have a weird intolerance for street mimes, and go out of their way to harass them. This puts them at odds with the Julliard, who will go out of their way to attack them.

Though otherwise harmless, it is rumored that they share membership with a more violent gang, the Werewolves of London. They are often found in the area around Werewolf crime scenes.[1]

After the Fourth Corporate War, the gang was approached by Lord Ruthven, who started to fund them. They moved to the University District and claimed it as their turf. Around this time, they would focus on arts, organizing vampire themed shows in the Night City Symphony Hall.

As time went on, however, Lord Ruthven had turned into a murderous cyberpsycho and threatened to kill the entire gang when they confronted him. This would prompt the gang to hiring a group of edgerunners to murder Lord Ruthven with discretion once he left them and started abducting women around the University District.[2]


Black tuxedo (for both sexes)[1]


Fanged penguin with cane and top hat.[1]

Average Stats[]

6 7 6 7 8 10 6 6
SKILLS: Wardrobe and style 7, Human Perception 5, Awareness 6, Seduction 4, Social 5, Perform 9, Dodge and Escape 6, Martial arts 3, Handgun 2, Drive 4, Basic Tech 5, Stealth 7, Fencing 3[1]


Varying, depending on role of member.[1]


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