Petrochem's bread and butter is CHOOH2, the synthetic alcohol that has become the world's standard combustible fuel; they are responsible for 60% of world supplies.

— Corporation Report 2020 Volume 3

Petrochemical Associates International is a megacorporation whose primary focus is the petrochemical industry. Petrochem is the world's largest producer of the synthetic alcohol fuel CHOOH2, the primary fuel source for the mid-21st century, and will do anything in it's power to maintain the fuel's and thus itself dominance on the world stage.

Petrochem was a key player in the Second Corporate War, where it fought against - and lost to - SovOil.

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Petrochem HQ

The Petrochem Home Towers in Dallas-Ft. Worth

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MOSS, W. Corporation Report 2020 Volume 3. 1st ed. Berkeley CA: R. Talsorian Games, 1992

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