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Peter Van Rijen is the Director of SovOil's Industrial Troubleshooting division. A native of Holland, Van Rijen cut his teeth as an oil well firefighter for Royal Dutch Shell Oil. After leaving Shell he spent many years as freelance oil-business troubleshooter in the North Sea fields and in the United States. Van Rijen had established a name for himself as a top troubleshooter when oil was still a worldwide commodity. When Petrochem and SovOil became the only two companies producing significant quantities of oil in the early 21st century, Van Rijen became the object of a bidding war. SovOil ended up the winner, and Van Rijen has been with the corporation since 2005.

Van Rijen is the best in the business. He is experienced in offshore and dry field well fires, refinery fires, and tanker and pipeline dis- asters. He is an accomplished engineer, diver, navigator, and pilot, and he has pioneered many new techniques for petroleum industry safety and firefighting. The only area he defers to other experts in is mining operations. SovOil has a disaster specialist with more experience in that area than Van Rijen.

Van Rijen is a strapping Dutchman of forty years. He keeps in top physical condition in order to withstand the rigors of his job. Despite his age, he continues to take a hands-on approach to dis- aster management, and he has the scars and cybernetics to prove it. Van Rijen is an easygoing fellow, and is widely liked by his staff, teams, and the SovOil management. He tends to stay out of the political intrigues that dominate the upper echelons of the corporation. Van Rijen lives in Amsterdam, but he spends a great deal of his time at the SovOil headquarters in Moscow, at his Soviet home in the Crimea, and on-site for the corporation.[1]


Jury Rig 10, Swimming/Scuba 6, Awareness/Notice 7, Oil Chemistry 6, Education And General Knowledge 6, Expert Structural/Petrochemical Engineering 9, Expert Firefighting 8, Expert Disaster Management 8, Expert Oil Technology 8, Expert SovOil 5, Dutch (Native), Russian 5, English 4, Mathematics 7, Physics 3, Brawling 5, Handgun 4, Driving 5, Pilot Rotary/Vectored Thrust/Fixed Wing 5, Demolitions 5.[1]


Biomonitor, Basic Processor, Interface Plugs, Chipware Socket, Vehicle Link, Tech Link, Data Term Link, Nasal Filters, Radiation Detector, Chemical Analyser, Muscle and Bone Lace, Skin- weave, Basic Cyberoptic, Thermograph, Low-Lite, Times Square Marquee, Anti-Dazzle, Basic Left Cyberarm with Toolhand, Basic Right Cyberleg.[1]


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