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Pepe Najarro is a bartender working in El Coyote Cojo bar in Heywood.


Pepe can be found working behind the bar, often double shifts without break at the most prominent local club, and he is fast to admit that he does it for his family. Despite putting all the extra hours in, he still has trouble paying off Kirk, a loan shark and aspiring fixer of the Heywood district.

Further down the road, V may revisit Pepe and provide their services for a taste of classical detective work regarding the private life of his wife, Cynthia. Due to her behaviour, lying about her whereabouts, followed by their child looking nothing like either of them, Pepe suspects a story as old as time - cheating. But, having no proof, he decides to hire someone he can rely on.

Depending on the decisions V makes through the concluding dialogue, they might affect the state of the Najarros' marriage, although this will solely reflect in individual holo calls received from the couple.

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Humans of Night City[]

Pepe Najarro


My mom'll never stop worrying about me. When I was little, she'd worry about all the bullies picking on me for my size. Then when puberty came she couldn't stop worrying about my cousin getting me in trouble, like he'd ever do that – at least not the serious kind. But nothing worried her more than Cynthia. Mom couldn't stop talking about her past, or how I should've settled down with a girl from the neighborhood. God bless her – I love her, but she's just got a protective streak a mile wide, like all Heywood mothers righteously do. She might've been right about the school bullies, but she's wrong about Cynthia. The first time Cynthia walked into my bar, my heart told me she's the woman for me. And I followed my heart.