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I grew up in a community where the average man was dead before he was thirty and was an alcoholic before he was twenty, where mining companies got more rights than people. The white government said they'd give us our traditional land back They lied. They said we were equal under their law. They lied, When we complained, they told us change time, They've been here two hundred and thirty two years. The time to change is now.

We don't have the kind of equipment they do. We make do what we find what whites don't Want any more. We teach ourselves how to fight* back I lost these two fingers learning explosives. I'd give the other eight if tie white government would keep their promises.[1]


INT: 7, ATTR: 5, EMP: 5, REF: 5, LUCK: 6, SAVE; 8, TECH: 8, MA: 6, BTM: -3, COOL: 7, BODY: 8.[1]


Family/Brotherhood* +5, Awareness/Notice +6 Brawling +4, Endurance +6, Demolitions +3, Rifle +3, Stealth +4, Shadow/Track +4, Wilderness Survival +8, Expert-Tribal Lore +4.[1]




Army surplus FN FAL (nearly 30 years old but well-maintained), occasional packages of high explosives (plastic when able—whatever the fixers can turn up), CHOOH2 converted 1987 Mitsubishi 4 wheel drive, rusty jury-rigged spare collection.[1]


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