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Path of Glory is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.


You wakes up on a bed in your penthouse. You will turn around and the person you will see depends on who you've called during the Nocturne Op55N1 job. But if you didn't make a phone call there, you will get up alone.

After getting up, you will take a shower. The one who slept with you will join you. You will talk in the kitchen, and walk out, say goodbye to your companion on the balcony.

Before you leave, you can check your working room. There are messages about the upcoming job on V's computer. Johnny's Samurai jacket is hanging on the wall, you can wear it.

An AV operated by Delamain (depends on the choices you've made during Don't Lose Your Mind) will pick you up and take you to the Afterlife.

Once you arrived at the Afterlife, bartender Claire will invite you to have a special drink for the coming operation. Dialogues will happen depends on the route you comes to this quest(which decided whether Rogue will survive and be there during the talk).

Then you meet Mr. Blue Eyes for his new gig in Rogue's booth. The quest is to get data about clients of Crystal Palace.

At the end of the quest, you will be in a spaceship. You active auto-pliot, then leave the seat, put a helmet on, and pick a pistol up. You then enter the air lock. After all it's done, You open the door and float into the space, toward Crystal Palace.

This final represent Tarot Cards Sun. A achievement called The Sun will be unlocked.

Journal Entry


  • Take a shower.
  • Get dressed. [Optional]
  • Talk to Judy/Panam/River/Kerry.
  • Take your jacket. (automatically completed)
  • Enter the AV.
  • Afterlife objectives
  • Exit the airlock and soar into the stars.


  • The title of the job comes from the Plasmatics song Path of Glory.
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