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The Parkview Tower is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


This is the grand-daddy of them all; the most luxurious, expensive and secure residential tower in Night City. It is twice as expensive as the next door Plaza East Tower. Security consists of armed plainclothes agents contracted from Arasaka, and is accordingly tight. Residents vary among local millionaires and billionaires, foreign arms merchants, dictators, corporate heads, celebrities, and Night City corporate VIPs.

Parkview has its own infirmary and a tactical rescue go-team on call at all times. The building is forty-five stories tall, has secure underground vehicular areas, and heliports and AV-4 pads on the roof.

There are fine restaurants, shops and markets inside the building and open to the public, but the residential areas and infirmary are as secure as the insides of the more paranoid corporations. The penthouse is owned by eccentric arms merchant and filthy-rich billionaire Omar Khadabhi. He is rarely seen in the building, spending much of his time on his three-hundred foot yacht, and in his other houses around the world. He comes and goes by private, heavily-armed Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft. The penthouse belonged to Richard Night and was the place where he was assassinated.

Security Level: 4[1]

The Parkview Tower is situated in Night City's Corporate Center section of downtown, in the Parkside Residential Towers area.


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