Panzerboys are pilots who fly fast armor-plated and stealth-coated cargo transports loaded with smuggled commodities.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

Panzerboys in Hardwired don't have a unique Role-specific Special Ability. Pilots who use manual controls use Combat Sense. Those who use interface jacks use Interface, which allows them to directly control their vehicle and its weapons and defense systems.

Vehicle Zen is a Special Ability from the sourcebook; When Gravity Fails. The pilot or driver of a vehicle with this Special Ability is able to work wonders with any vehicle they operate.

Reference[edit | edit source]

The term comes from the period following the end of World War I. The Belgians raised tariffs on cheaper Dutch dairy products. To counter this, smugglers would drive trucks loaded with milk, cheese and eggs over the border to sell to the Belgians, where those foods were more expensive. Gangsters started hijacking the shipments, so the drivers started modifying their trucks into armored cars called "Panzers" (tanks). The smugglers began to be called "Panzerboys".

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