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Paneurope VBL APC is a car introduced in Chromebook Volume 4.

Sourcebook Description[]

A light patrol vehicle used by the French for reconnaissance, the VBL comes in short and long wheel-base versions. The longer version is presented here. This vehicle has been sold world-wide and can be seen in the arsenals of many armies, as well as some security companies.[1]
Special Equipment: Off-Road capable, Amphibious modifications, Military radio w/scrambler, Image Enhancement and Light Amplification optics, Nav system. Thermal Imaging and Tele-optics, TV/VCR, Stereo plus, Cybercontrols, IR baffling, Reactive armor, Remote targeting[1]
Armament: Painting laser (hand-held), 8 IR Smoke dischargers[1]
Armament Options:
  1. Auto-GL in pintle mount (+5,000 Euro)
  2. 15mm HMG/pintle mount (+5,000 Euro)
  3. 7.62mm MG/pintle mount (+1 ,700 Euro)[1]


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