Because I truly care this time. Yet I fear I'll do or say something foolish - and be left alone in the desert.

Panam Palmer is introduced as a former member of the Aldecaldos nomad clan, who, after a family dispute, decided to live a more independent life as a mercenary. She is also a possible romance option for V in Cyberpunk 2077.


Panam Palmer was part of the Aldecaldos nomad tribe who had travelled to the Badlands outside Night City. Due to her rebellious attitude she eventually left the tribe and went to Night City working under the fixer Rogue. She paired Panam with Nash Bane to work as a team, but left out that Nash was a Raffen Shiv. They worked together on a few gigs till Panam messed up on Rogue's last assignment after she was betrayed by Nash, who stole Panam's car and the merchandise they were suppose to deliver. When local merc V was looking for ways of finding Anders Hellman, whose AV was assumed would pass across the Badlands, Rogue provided V with the information he needed about their target and also gave them Panam's contact as she would be the one to help V get Hellman. After meeting with Panam and confirming she knew the area well, both agreed to help each other in the spirit of trading favors.

In spite of both leaving the Aldecaldos and being in a persistent conflict with her leader Saul, Panam maintained strong relations with the Aldecaldos and, through dialogue, revealed that she made the decision to leave as opposed to being shunned as initially implied.

Though she can be quick to temper and seems keenly motivated by karmic balancing, her primary interest was the wellbeing of the tribe - for whom she was fiercely focused on making life both easier and safer.[1]

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Panam is a nomad - although, maybe "ex-nomad" rings truer these days. She locked horns with the family's leader, Saul, left Aldecaldo nation and moved to Night City to try her luck as a merc. Panam's life is at a crossroads - on one hand she knows her life needs a change, it's now or never. On the other hand, burning bridges with the nomad family where all her friends are might have been a bit drastic. On top of that, Night City doesn't take too kindly to nomads or have patience for people like Panam who are internally conflicted and dream of a brighter future.[1]

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