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Pacifica could've been Night City's money-making vacation resort, but once the investment dried up it became a husk left to rot. Now, instead of tourists, the district is overrun by gangs and violence, with The Voodoo Boys protecting the community forsaken by NCPD.
Cyberpunk 2077

The Pacifica District, formally known as the Pacifica Playground, was an upper-class corporate-sponsored residential suburb directly south of Night City.[1] By 2077, the district has become a lawless and anarchic combat zone district.[2]


Originally made to be Night City's money making vacation resort. It was to be true paradise, catering to corporate employees and tourists alike with it's golden sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, and unmatched entertainment.[3] By 2045, the resort functioned as intended, becoming home to the Playland by the Sea amusement park, protected by Militech security contractors, and attracting crowds from San Francisco and other parts of California. In addition, the developing Coastview condos offered a view of the sea, as well as relaxation and rest for those who could afford them.[4]

After the Time of the Red, however, economic collapse plagued Night City, causing much of the corporate funding to end. The district was left unfinished and lawless. Construction work was put on permanent hold, leaving most buildings unfinished, forever to remain the hulking concrete and steel shells they were at the time. By 2077, the district has now since been overrun by poverty, violence, and gangs. All the buildings are now home to the homeless instead of tourists. The Voodoo Boys, a techno-mystical group of netrunners, has since made the district the base of their operations. Originating from the Haitian community that settled in Night City after their country was ravaged by climate disaster, they took it upon themselves to protect the local community, forsaken and left to fend for themselves by the NCPD.[3] In addition, scavengers and other criminal gangs plague the district, leaving many who enter leaving without vital organs or valuable cybernetics and implants.[5] However, Night City officials still hold hope for the district, promoting the district to be capable of returning to the original vacation paradise the district was on its way to becoming.[6]

In 2077, Mayor Lucius Rhyne re-designated Pacifica an "independent district" of Night City, a ploy which allowed Pacifica's crime statistics to be excluded from the city's official numbers. Rhyne took full credit for the resulting 3% "drop" in Night City's crime rate as he ran for re-election against challenger Jefferson Peralez.[7]

That same year, Kang Tao began expressing an interest in buying property in Pacifica to build a new server facility. The Night City Council was debating whether or not to offer to sell the lot to Kang Tao for a single eurodollar in exchange for a pledge to help quell the district's rampant crime.[7]

Multiple Crime-Prevention Security Turrets can be seen around Pacifica, on buildings and under roofs. However, they appear to be malfunctioning or destroyed. Since these turrets are only deployed during heavy rioting or times of unrest, it can be inferred that Pacifica saw heavy combat, and the Voodoo Boys or other forces damaged the turrets, rendering them unable to shoot. They cannot be quickhacked or destroyed in any way.





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