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Pacifica could've been Night City's money-making vacation resort, but once the investment dried up it became a husk left to rot. Now, instead of tourists, the district is overrun by gangs and violence, with The Voodoo Boys protecting the community forsaken by NCPD.

The Pacifica District was once an upper-class corporate-sponsored residential suburb directly south of Night City. By 2077, the district has become a lawless and anarchic Combat Zone,[1] no longer considered part of Night City's administrative boundaries.[2]


Pacifica was originally envisioned as Night City's vacation resort for the ultra-wealthy. It was to be true paradise, catering to corporate employees and tourists alike and with Militech security contractors protecting its golden sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, and unmatched entertainment.[3] By 2045, the resort functioned as intended, the Playland by the Sea amusement park continued to flourish, and the district, now largely sponsored by corporations and under massive redevelopment, attracted crowds from San Francisco and other parts of California. Coastview condos offered a view of the sea, as well as relaxation and rest, to those residents or visitors who could afford them.[4]

The Unification War from 2069 to 2070 halted Pacifica's success in its tracks. As fears mounted that the New United States would invade Night City from Southern California and Pacifica would become a battlefield, corporations and other investors raced to pull their funding from Pacifica's ongoing projects. With Night City's economy already on a downturn, the effect on the district was disastrous. Pacifica was left unfinished and lawless. Construction work was put on permanent hold, leaving most buildings unfinished hulks of concrete and steel. Gangs and the homeless moved in.

By 2077, the district was overrun by poverty and criminal activity. Buildings were occupied by the formerly homeless, and tourists - or merely visitors - to Pacifica were few. Scavengers and other criminal gangs plagued the district, leaving many who enter without valuable cybernetic implants or vital organs. The Voodoo Boys, a techno-mystical group of netrunners, made the district the base of their operations. Originating from the Haitian community that settled in Night City after their country was ravaged by climate disaster, they took it upon themselves to protect the local community, forsaken and left to fend for themselves by the NCPD.[3] Other Night City officials still hold hope for Pacifica however, promoting the district to be capable of returning to the original vacation paradise the district was on its way to becoming.[5]

In 2077, Mayor Lucius Rhyne redesignated Pacifica an "independent district" of Night City, dropping it from the administrative boundaries of NC proper.[2] This was a ploy that allowed Pacifica's crime statistics to be excluded from the city's official numbers. Rhyne and his deputy, Weldon Holt, took full credit for the resulting 3% "drop" in Night City's crime rate as he ran for re-election against challenger Jefferson Peralez.

That same year, Kang Tao began expressing an interest in buying property in Pacifica to build a new server facility. The Night City Council was debating whether or not to offer selling the lot to Kang Tao for a single eurodollar in exchange for a pledge to help quell the district's rampant crime.[6]

Database Entry[]



You could say that Pacifica is almost a microcosm of Night City's history. It started with, "We're building a paradise," and ended with "Dear God, what a nightmare." On paper it was meant to be the classiest and most iconic district catering to corporate employees - Night City's take on Las Vegas in its heyday. Luxury hotels, entertainment halls, sandy beaches... sadly, that Pacifica only existed in the blueprints drawn up by architects for fat-cat investors. Those same investors pulled out every last enny after the Unification War broke out, fearing yet another inter-corporate conflict. Pacifica was abandoned by all but the local Haitian community, led by a gang of netrunners called the Voodoo Boys. The city has repeatedly tried and failed to bring the district back into the fold, but it remains isolated, with its own rules, language, manufactured goods (illegal in Night City) and independent Net. You could say that that Pacifica has blossomed under the Voodoo Boys' leadership, but poison oak would be a more suitable metaphor. To anyone who enters - beware.[6]


CP2077 Pacifica Map

Map of Pacifica.

Behind the scenes[]

Squint, and Pacifica almost looks like the tantalizing vision that gave its initial investors stiffies: hotels with ocean views and private pools, an amusement park to bring in that family vacation eurodollar, a beach complete with a pier, umbrellas and, OK, garbage, but that's the price of being next to Night City. And that prime location is what would make this resort a money-making machine.

Those investors didn't stay hard for Pacifica for long, however. Mid-construction, hotter opportunities came along and they pulled out, leaving the half-finished buildings to rot. Gangs moved in and the would-be beachfront paradise became a war zone. The city gave up on fixing or bulldozing it and just walled the whole place off. What was supposed to be every visitor's first stop is now a hostile hellhole you can't enter even if you're crazy enough to want to.

As a result, Pacifica serves as 2077's version of a hallowed Cyberpunk tradition: the Combat Zone, a place where bullets can fly without any cops or civilians getting in the way. Making that zone an abandoned resort opened up room for our artists to play with sharp visual contrasts: funhouse signs riddled with bullet holes, luxury pools filled with chemical sludge. In terms of style, here Entropism has engulfed an aborted attempt at Kitsch.


  • In 2077, the district security turrets can be seen to be damaged all around the area.
  • Similarly, while ambient advertisement announcements can be heard, due to neglect these are greatly deteriorated and occasionally skip or barely play.


  • The "Los Osos" logos seen throughout Pacifica are likely a reference to Baywood-Los Osos, a town upon which - alongside Morro Bay - Night City was built in the Cyberpunk lore.



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