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For 2077 district, see Pacifica District.

Pacifica is an upper class residential area nestled between the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean and Rancho Coronado. Protected by a Militech security contract meaning is a fairly safe place. It home newly renovated Playland by the Sea™ is a hit among the amusement park crowd from San Francisco, and brings a fair amount of tourist traffic up from the south. On the cliffs at Pacifica are the expensive home/condos of the Coastview development, offering a view of both the open sea, and for some a view of the bright fights of Playland™ itself. The entire area has the more relaxed attitude of SoCal and prides itself in being the only place in the Night City Area where one can truly relax.

The security in Pacifica isn't nearly as draconian as Westbrook. There are some people that hang out at Playland that wouldn't be let past the security gates at Coastview, but when dealing with Coastview, the security plays for keeps. mile a booster can party down on the beach (with only a warning from security to keep the noise down), if he tries to cause trouble in Coastview, the Militech troops will think nothing of cutting him down. The response time for complaints from Coastview is very good.

Pacifica is also known for having the best seafood in the Night City area. Almost all the restaurants have made the top ten lists in their respective fields. Pacifica is also home to several galleries and museums as well as a small and fairly prestigious art college.[1]


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