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Péter Horváth is a character in Cyberpunk 2077.


At some point in his life Horváth spent time in jail, which caused such drastic change in his behaviour that people who knew him no longer recognized the man.


Horváth is a former vendor who worked for Christine Markov at one of the stalls in the Cherry Blossom Market. He eventually left his work at the stall to make speeches about former mayor Lucius Rhyne and how corporations had controlled him. After a while, he showed back up at the stall with high-quality cyberware installed to the point where he was hardly recognizable. The cyberware was an anonymous gift from an unknown source that according to him, "finally saw what he was worth".

Horváth was hired to assassinate Mayor Rhyne at City Hall in The Glen, but was shot multiple times by River Ward before being able to do so.

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  • He is possibly of Hungarian descent, as evidenced by his last name Horváth, which is Hungarian for "Croatian."