Ozob Bozo is a character featured in Cyberpunk 2077.


Ozob will call V to employ them for a job, asking if V is the best merc in Night City.[1] After the job, some time later, V can find Ozob in Pacifica where the two can fight for money.[2]

Ozob's nose

At various points during the quests with Ozob, V can ask about his grenade nose. Ozob informs V that it's an active grenade to V's surprise, with V stating that it's crazy to keep an active grenade on one's face and that it might explode one day. Ozob acknowledges that fact but simply says he will need to be careful.

Should V have the Shock n' Awe cyberware installed and attempting Ozob's Beat on the Brat job, getting hit by Ozob (with the shock n' awe mod activating) will eventually detonate his nose grenade. This kills Ozob and V wins by "technical knockout".

Associated Quests


  • Ozob's personal vehicle is a Mahir Motors Supron with a multi-colored clown paint scheme.
  • Ozob's full-name is a palindrome, that is, it reads the same backward and forward.


  • Ozob is a character originally created in the 1990s by Deive "Azaghal" Pazos, co-founder of the Brazilian geek site "Jovem Nerd". The character became a fan favorite after being featured on three Cyberpunk RPG special episodes of "Nerdcast", the website's podcast and main attraction.[3]
    • Furthermore, Azaghal was the voice actor for Ozob in the Portuguese version of Cyberpunk 2077. Even though Azaghal had the option to play Ozob in the English version, he declined the offer because he thought it would be better if a professional did it.[4]


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