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Overwatch is an Iconic variant of the Techtronika SPT32 Grad in Cyberpunk 2077.


Overwatch originally belonged to Mitch Anderson, who used it during the Unification War.[1]

In 2077, when Panam Palmer asked for Mitch's help during Ghost Town, he let her take it. During Riders on the Storm she promised the rifle as a reward to V for helping her rescue Saul Bright.

It comes equipped with a Militech HPO Kanone MAX Mk.77 Sniper Scope that cannot be removed, and a silencer that allows for silent kills without attracting attention from enemies.

Overwatch has an iconic modifier that increases the default magazine size from 4 to 5 rounds, and reduces reload time by 15%, at the cost of reducing damage by 30%.



  • Despite having a silencer, the Overwatch does not have increased stealth damage. This is likely a development oversight. (Version: Patch 2.02, PC) Icon check