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The Orbital Air Space Center is a spaceport located on the artificial island of Morro Rock in Del Coronado Bay, to the west of Night City.


Ground transportation into Night City is only advised if you are accompanied by corporate or military personnel. Instead, visitors to NC are strongly encouraged to travel by plane. Daily connections from major American cities and orbit are available here.[1][2]

Rockets can be seen launching into space from the Center at around 9pm every night.


The chaos of the Fourth Corporate War disrupted most of the regular air transit to and from Night City. As part of the city's reclamation, plans were made to establish an orbital spaceplane mass driver launch site on Morro Rock, a volcanic batholith and the most geologically stable area in the region. Franklin M'bolu, a developer of many of Orbital Air's leading technologies, was in charge of building the company's forthcoming mass driver. Constructed within Morro Rock, the mass driver allows spaceplanes to be launched into LEO (low Earth orbit).[1]

In 2077, Dexter DeShawn booked a premium seat in a shuttle some time prior to the heist at Konpeki Plaza. After it failed, that same night DeShawn called to depart, and was directed to go to the terminal four, but his plans changed and eventually stayed in NC.[3]


  • In Cyberpunk RED, the project in construction is named Orbital Air Massdriver.[1]
  • Despite being mentioned as a mass driver in Cyberpunk RED, the installations found on the island are instead for rocket-built spacecrafts, which can be viewed setting off from a launch pad.



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