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Orbital Air is a Megacorporation based out of Nairobi, Kenya that specializes in cargo and passenger transport to Earth orbit. The Aerospace giant holds a monopoly on orbital transportation with other headquarters being located in the NUSA, France, Germany, Japan, and China. Orbital Air also works closely with the ESA, JAB, and the Neo-SSR. Orbital Air holds a key position in the world; with their amazing advances holding a large fleet of French-made Hermes spaceplanes they handle all orbital lifting capability, with the exception of a few governments, none of which however offers comparable services. Many corporations rely heavily on Orbital Air's services to transport cargo around the world.



In 2020, Orbital Air worked closely with the Euro-Space Agency's Crystal Palace L-5 colony, a massive orbital hotel complex usually only for the ultra-rich, if it wasn't for them the hotel would have gone out of business. With all commercial space bound cargo dependent upon them, Orbital Air is in a lucrative position.

A large part of Orbital Air's budget and covert resources were put to use ensuring that they remained as the absolute power in orbital technology. During the 2020s, their eye was on the country of China, which had been improving its commercial lift capability rapidly. The Euro-flight Corporation had also expanded its operations. Antoine DuBois, the corporations largest shareholder and CEO of the time, worried about the corporations hold on the monopoly with the increasing competition.

The Johnson Orbital Facility was a major transfer station for passengers who purchased tickets for the Crystal Palace, where they switch from the space-planes to space transport shuttles assembled at the workstations owned by Orbital Air.[1]


In 2077, Orbital Air has been expanding its services and it's reached. All major cities in healthy enough countries will have an Orbital Air Space Center, containing all the conveniences and style of any airport. The space-planes used in these ports are almost always owned by Orbital Air themselves, that being said there are plenty not owned by them. In the regions of Europe it's more common to ride in a space-plane by ESA (Euro-Space Agency) and in Asia it's more common to ride in ones designed and owned by the JAB (Japanese Aerospace Bureau).[2]

The Luxury comfort of an Orbital Air Space-Plane can only be experienced by attending one of the flights.

Equipment and resources

  • 35 orbit capable Hermes Scramjet space-planes
  • 35 corporate jets
  • 2 helicopters per office
  • 70 AV-4 urban assault vehicles
  • 15 Boeing C-25 heavy cargo jets
  • 30 Osprey II V-TOL Aircraft

All major offices have a surgery capable infirmaries. Orbital Air is well equipped, and has access to almost all levels of military equipment. It is primarily interested in space defense and air-superiority weaponry to protect assets. In addition to the Johnson Facility, Orbital Air maintains two small maintenance and research workstations, and has a small fleet of orbital vehicles to transport crews between facilities.[1]



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