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Onboarding – Night City Branch is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077.



This guide is intended for all Arasaka agents beginning work in Night City. Please follow the local code of conduct as it may differ from other Arasaka locations. – You must possess the latest corporate-issue firmware at all times when inside Arasaka Tower. Consider this your primary form of identification.
– All agents are required to issue scheduled progress reports to the appropriate senior officers. All lead officers are responsible for reporting to the Operations Manager.
– In the event of operational crisis, all agents are required to report to Arasaka Tower. Exemptions can be issued to active field agents involved in highly classified operations.
All operational units in Night City fall under the oversight of the Director of Special Operations – Director Abernathy.



This shard can only be found inside Arasaka Tower.

  • Can be found in the lobby of Arasaka Tower during The Corpo-Rat prologue.
  • Can be found on floor 33 of Arasaka Tower during The Corpo-Rat prologue.
  • Can be found during (Don't Fear) The Reaper in the lobby area before the elevators, on a table with a holo-projector.