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Disambig This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2020. For the distinct location in Cyberpunk 2077, see Downtown.

Old Downtown (also known as Section B5) is the foundation on which Night City was laid.


Originally the center of the township of Del Coronado, the Old Downtown area has since fallen to urban decay. Only the solid presence of City Medical has prevented this area from turning into a slum. Gangs are common, and night time is dangerous, especially when the Rangers are playing a home game.

There's no real theme or real personality to this area of the city. It's close to Charter Hill, it's at the fringes of the Medical Center, and near the Bridge. It's not really anything except dominated by the stadium, and the term 'Old Downtown' isn't used anymore. The urban struggle is starting to escalate here, as the gradual decapitation has reached City Medical and the Municipal Building.[1]


Notable Gangs[]

Notable People[]


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