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There I was, just enjoying the sights at the movie village. I turn the corner and I'm caught between two groups of Samurai. I thought it was just a scene for the new season. Then I realized it was a fight between the Shinsen-gumi and the Ryoomas. I beat it ASAP!


Okita the Man-Slasher was born in a small corporate family in Kyoto, Japan. His parents were history buffs themselves, and loved the Shinsen-gumi stories from the late 1800s. The shinsen-gumi was a group of Ronin organized by the Tokugawa Shogunate as a Special Forces unit to fight anti-shogun activities in Kyoto. Even after the fall of the Shogunate in 1867, they remained loyal, and fought the Imperial Forces. They are the subject of many jidaigeki films.

Okita was a sickly child, and his parents would bolster his spirits by telling him tales of the Shinsen-gumi sword-master Okita Shoushi, who suffered from Hemoptysis (coughing up of blood), but was still strong.

Okita gradually became healthy by studying Martial Arts, but his parents died before he became an adult. He took his inheritance, and got body-sculpted to resemble the original Okita. He wasn't satisfied with just the external appearance; he commissioned custom cyberware to simulate Okita Shoushi's disease. If cornered, he will surprise his opponents by hacking up gouts of blood-then spilling theirs.

He speaks old Japanese, wears Samurai surcoat of Shinsen-gumi, but no armor. He is 25 years old.[1]


INT: 6, ATTR: 8, EMP: 7/4, REF; 9, LUCK: 4, SAVE 8, TECH: 3, MA: 8, BTM: -3, COOL: 9, BODY: 8.[1]


Combat Sense +7, Awareness +5, Expert: Late Edo Shogunate Customs +7 Stealth +2, Melee +7, MA: Koppo +6, MA: Kendo +7, Archery +5, Resist Torture/Drugs +5, Performance +9, Endurance +6, Strength Feat +5.[1]


Skin weave (SP12), Enhanced Antibodies, Toxin Binders, Kerenzikov +2, Nano-enhanced Sight (w/Image Enhance, Lowlite), Hemoptysis Implant. (custom work; simulate Hemoptysis—can cough up blood 3 times a day—storage sacs coiled extra blood for use).

Note: unlike the legendary Okita Soshi, he is perfectly healthy, and now, even more so due to the latest nanotechnology.[1]


Kendachi Mono-Two Blade Set, Eagletech "Tomcat" Composite Bow.[1]


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