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Disambig This article is about the Vehicle in Cyberpunk 2020. For the Vehicle in Cyberpunk RED, see OTEC Hammerhead Multipurpose Minisub.

OTEC Multi-Purpose Sub "Hammerhead" is an example of the typical mid-sized "taxi" subs used throughout the oceans. Employed as a long-range Waldo platform and shuttle sub, it was never intended for combat, and has a notoriously "dirty" silhouette which makes it easy to spot on sonar. Still, it is functional and flexible, with two onboard Pseudo-Intelligences to assist the pilots and crew in their tasks.

Despite its apparent lack of combat utility, several H-Heads (and similar subs) have been armed with ECM/torpedo packs and pushed into the fray as patrol subs. The subjocks who pilot these "torp-tubs" have developed a standard tactic of firing a spread of smart torpedoes at any hostile bogey as soon as it enters maximum range (20 miles). They then turn tail and head for their base, avoiding any possible close encounter with an undoubtedly better-equipped foe.[1]


Life Support Damage Control, Escape Pods, Military Radio w/ Scrambler, Robotic Control (INT 4 x2, w/ Underwater Hvy Wpns, Navigation, Awareness, Large Sub Pilot, Tactics, EW & Subtech at +4), Turbine Propulsion, Searchlight, Marine Sensor Suite (Long-Range Sonar; 20 miles, Thermal Imaging), Waldoes (40 SDP each).[1]


Armored external torp-launcher (Skill-8/WA+0, Rng 20mi, 30D10, 10 shots), w/ 2 bow tubes & 2 aft tubes, ECM suite (incurs a -4 penalty to attempts to hit it with sonar-guided torpedoes).[1]


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