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The Northern Oilfields[1] (also known as the North Sunrise Oil Fields[1]) are located in the Badlands, to the north of Night City.


The economy of Night City never relied on oil, but the fields in the north contributed to its origins. In the 1990s, Del Coronado Bay area was identified as a place to build the city by Richard Night because of Petrochem, one of his partners. While Night City was being constructed, the company profitably extracted the oil.[1]

Johnny Silverhand's lifeless body was said to have been tossed and buried here in 2023.[2]

At some point since Night City's reconstruction after the 2023 incident, the oilfields became a joint project of Petrochem and Night Corp.[3]

Even after almost a century later, the smoke-filled and highly toxic oilfields are often seen as an irreparable scar which simply disfigures the face of Night City. A silent, but telling reminder of the metropolis' shady beginnings.[1]

Database Entry

Located to the north of Night City, for all intents and purposes the oil fields should be part of the Badlands - desolate, barren and thoroughly uninhabitable for decades. The oil-soaked land is as dead as can be, and nothing is likely to change that. The decrepit barracks and rusting, skeletal remains of oil drills leave a ghostly impression - especially at night when they're lit up by the flames of oil puddles.[4]


Fast travel points

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • 101 North
  • Oil Fields

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Behind the scenes

Though oil was never Night City's main economic driver, it still played a vital role in the city's history. Richard Night chose Coronado Bay as the location for his grand project in part because one of his corporate investors, Petrochem, already owned drilling rights to much of the land. The oil fields north of the city are both testimony and legacy to these insider deals. Pitch-black, smoke-filled and flooded with oil-tainted water, they present a stark contrast both to the dusty, oversaturated, sun-baked feel of other outer districts and the sanitized sheen of City Center visible on the horizon.[5]



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