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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was a mutual defense pact between Western Europe and the United States against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It ultimately ceased to exist circa 1992 after Europe defied the United States on several key policy issues.[1][2]


With the USSR struggling through the final stages of glasnost in 1992, the United States NSC continued its outdated "Evil Empire" policies despite the Cold War having ended with the collapse of the Berlin Wall in '89. The formation of the European Economic Community saw the beginning of the end for NATO when the EEC acted against the U.S. and sent much-needed food and aid to the Soviets. Consequently, the Soviets accepted the Eurodollar over U.S. currency. Thus, NATO collapsed as Western Europe made peace with the Soviets for the first time in forty years.[1]

Fearful of the EEC's military and economic power, its expanding space program and military treaty talks with the Soviets, the United States engaged in a "Quiet War" that would ultimately result in the Crash of '94 and the beginning of The Collapse.[1]


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