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The NorCal Military Base was a massive military facility in the Del Coronado Bay area.


2000s - 2020s[]

Due to the vast post-war funding cutbacks and the rise of the Free States around the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Pentagon fell back to the concept of core bases: large, well-defended installations that would protect a regional area and support units from all four branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. The colosal NorCal Military Base was established as part of the deal that allowed Northern California to maintain its titular independence from the Union as a Free State. The NorCal government kept an opinion of neutrality towards the base, as it would also protect them from any road-gangs coming north to raid for water.[1][2]

By 2020, the NorCal Military Base was found on the coastal area of the city of North Oak, and was owned and operated by the United States Armed Forces. The base's commander was also the "Mayor" of North Oak. Facilities within the Military Base included a navy harbor, an airbase, and a vehicle depot. The complex also included a well-equipped hospital and an exchange shopping mall that could provide the citizens of North Oak with a variety of products.

The Oaks, outside of the city, became a suburb for retired and enlisted military officers, as well as a few civilian personnel associated in some way with the Military Base — Base Exchange clerks, secretaries, contractors, teachers, and more.[1]

Time of the Red[]

During the Time of the Red, after the Fourth Corporate War, the NorCal Military Base was still present, though now it was staffed primarily by Militech soldiers, which also had placed its corporate offices there. Located on the northernmost area of the Watson Development, in northern Night City, the heavily fortified military complex was mostly shut off from the rest of the metropolis. Because access to the base was restricted for non-government personnel, meetings with outsiders were held in a secure building situated between two security checkpoints.[2]





  • In the Night City Sourcebook, the base was located in the southern coastal area of North Oak. In Cyberpunk RED, it is instead located in the northern area of the Watson Development, which replaced the city of North Oak.



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