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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2077. For other uses, see Aldecaldo Camp (disambiguation).
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The Nomad Camp is a temporary campsite of the Aldecaldo, located in the Badlands.


The nearest fast travel point is "Nomad Camp". It is an unlockable apartment for V.[1]


To protect themselves from the Wraiths and any corporations that might want to attack them, the Aldecaldos decided to move their base of operations to a more safe location in the northern part of the Badlands.[1]

Database Entry

Nomad Camps
Nomad Camps

The life of a nomad is one of constant motion. But although their camps are temporary, they're always designed with function, order and comfort in mind. Setting up a new camps is a quick operation because everyone knows their responsibilities, working together like parts in a well-oiled machine. As the nomad Santiago once said: "Whenever we make camp, for a short while we become farmers again. And the earlier a farmer finishes his work, the sooner he cracks open a bear."

To those who don't buy into the propaganda, nomads are known as hospitable folk. Still, it's better to signal your peaceful intentions from afar, as their camps are well protected.[2]

Notable Inhabitants


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