Roaming the Badlands, looting scrapyards, raiding fuel depots - life on the road wasn't easy. But growing up in a nomad clan has its perks. Honesty, integrity, and a love of freedom - qualities that few in Night City possess, and no amount of money can buy.

Nomad is one of the three lifepaths available to players in Cyberpunk 2077.


Nomad, along with Streetkid and Corpo, is one of the lifepath choices in Cyberpunk 2077 that dictates V's background during the game.

Nomads are part of a clan, a family of sorts, that roam the Badlands deserts around Night City. They value their family above anything, but for one reason or another, V left that family behind.

During the prologue, V starts off in the Badlands. Having turned their back on their clan, the Bakkers - which is now a part of the Snake Nation - they head to Night City to find work and make a new life before breaking down and seeking the help of a local mechanic, Mike.

Associated Quests

Unique Dialogue Choices

Act 1

  • The Pickup
    • If one chooses to meet up with Meredith Stout, V can offer to help Militech find their mole since V has jumped a few convoys as a nomad and knows who'd be a suspect. Then V can offer to patch up the security on the convoys. Stout isn't interested.
    • V can notice that Jackie is riding an Arch Nazaré and is impressed. Turns out, Jackie got a bargain and used some pay from the Dorsett job and took out a "my pequeñito" loan to get it, but "it's totally worth it".
    • V can tell Anthony Gilchrist or Meredith Stout (depending if V betrays Meredith or not) that knows Anthony is the mole, and that knows how to use "Lost on Arrival" documents to facilitate smuggling too.
  • The Heist
    • When you meet up with Jackie at The Afterlife, V can note how the place is famous, even among Nomads.
    • V can talk to the bartender in the hotel who'll give a fabricated story if you use the nomad dialogue option here.
    • Right after you rest in the hotel room, V can mention to Jackie that maybe Yorinobu Arasaka tried to leave his family to ditch the system.

Act 2

  • Automatic Love
    • V can tell Judy Alvarez that the Moxes and Nomads don't seem so different, as both seem to yammer a lot about community and solidarity. Judy will dismiss the comment, saying that nobody cares about V's lofty worldviews.
  • The Space in Between
    • V can tell Fingers that used to ride with nomads, and call them a resourceful folk, as they wouldn't cast anything aside until it was worn down, dead, couldn't be fixed or reused in any other way, but that not even nomads would touch what Fingers is giving to the girls at his clinic. Fingers will ask V to not exaggerate, as he gives the girls what he can.
  • I Walk the Line
    • When confronting Bryce Mosley, V can point out that is not there to talk, and soon later accuse the NetWatch agent to try to buy V out. Bryce will dismiss the accusation and tell V to consider it a counteroffer, and to don't gamble V's own life on the Voodoo Boys, because they aren't exactly known for their professional integrity, as they've been in Night City for fifth years and yet still they cling to a tribal mentality and a legendary distrust of outsiders.
  • Ghost Town
    • V can say to Rogue Amendiares that don't work with clan outcasts, such as Panam Palmer. Rogue will clarify that Panam actually is not an outcast and walked away from the clan.
    • V can say to Panam Palmer that used to ride with the Bakker clan, before land in Night City.
    • V can say to Panam Palmer that lost everything in Night City.
  • Lightning Breaks
    • V can ask Panam Palmer if she never did anything like downing an AV with the Aldecaldos. Panam will respond that never did something so risky. V and Panam will then talk about if they miss life with their respective clans.
  • Gimme Danger
    • V can tell Goro Takemura about when was a kid: racing bobber for the first time through the hills, first kiss in the middle of a synth-cornfield...

Act 3

Gigs and Side Jobs

  • V can tell Dakota Smith that thought nomads were always on the move, but she stayed put. Dakota will respond that such nomads that stays put are called statics, and that they are also necessary, as somebody must take care of those who come and go, and the statics do it for the right cut.
  • Both Sides, Now
    • When Judy Alvarez angrily says that the Night City Police Department told her to put Evelyn Parker's corpse on ice until the next day, V can ironically respond "Welcome to Night City. Where your address say more about you than anything else".
  • Pyramid Song
    • V can tell Judy Alvarez that, in nomad life, you can't be a fuzzy eater or you'll get no food at all. And that all kinds of food tastes better with just a little burn.
    • If V didn't romance Judy Alvarez, when Judy reveals that she is leaving Night City, V can say to her that came to the Night City because thought it offered opportunities you couldn't come by anywhere else, but now it feels like standing in quicksand, and that's no way to live for anyone. Judy will agree.
  • Riders on the Storm
    • V can tell Panam that nomads should help one another.
    • During the discussion between Saul Bright or Panam Palmer, about joining or not forces with Biotechnica to handle the Raffles, V can side with Panam, saying that rather not follow in the Bakkers' footsteps, that joined up with the Snake Nation and then evaporated. V will also point out that Aldecaldos' strength has always been their independence: give that up, Bakkers' fate will be Aldecaldos', or worse, 'cause Biotechnica just ain't Snake Nation.
    • V can tell Panam that it's hard to get used to rest with a roof above the head.
  • I'll Fly Away
    • V can tell Mitch Anderson that Saul won't like blastin' a good car for Scorpion's funeral, because it will be a terrible waste. Mitch will respond that he will tell Saul it was an accident.
  • With a Little Help from My Friends
    • V can comment that seems to be a lot of abandoned stations around. Teddy will then comment that the one they stand belonged to a corporation that ran a cement factory, and they used it as their reloading point. V will then ask why the corpos didn't take the engine when they left the station. Bob will respond that the engine's been in the station going on forty years, since the Blackwall days, and Mitch will complete saying that, for a time, everybody had a go back to the old ways, and this engine ran on nuclear, like submarines do. V will coment that this fact make it even weirder they left it behind. Cassidy that respond that the corps probably listed it in a spreadsheet as "cost optimization".
    • V can tell Panam that she seem happier than she did in town. Panam will respond that V is surely joking, as she is about to put her family at risk, get a dressing-down from Saul and possibly be kicked out of the family. V will respond that she seem happy 'cause she is doin' what she think's right for the Aldecaldos, even thought it's hard, even though she is shitting her pants. Panam will recognize V see it as she do.
    • While discussing Saul Bright and Scorpion's confrontation about joining Snake Nation, V can agree with the former's decision against it, due to the Bakkers' fate after they did so. Mitch will comment that the Aldecaldos'll manage just fine on our own, All they need is a few good jobs to get people talking about the Aldecaldos again. Panam that then say that's why they're there today. Teddy will coment that Scorpion would be proud.
    • After the discussion between Panam and Saul after delivering the Militech Basilisk to the Aldecaldos' camp, V can comment with Panam that thinks the family's on her side. Panam will ask where did V get that impression, as all she heard was silence. V will respond that saw them lookin' at that Basilisk, drooling, and comment that she had' them from the start due the relation between nomads and panzers.
  • The Prophet's Song
    • V can convince the two Aldecaldos Members to not attack Garry the Prophet, by saying that being called a "werewolf" is hardcore. One of the Aldecaldos will say that, unlike the Bakkers, they don't like childish jokes. I will then provoke the Aldecaldo, asking if he would cry if some kid tell him he is a gank and smells bad, and then V will ask if he seriously believe Garry, a guy that has been ramblin' about hell, vampires and necromancers from space, is deliberately targeting the nomads' reputation. The other Aldecaldo will agree with V, saying that Barry's brain clearly ain't firin' on all cylinders. The previous Aldecaldo will then say that he won't waste his time on a street cretin, and both Aldecaldos will go away.
  • Gig: Woman of La Mancha
    • V can interact with a fellow nomad named Imad who'll give you more info for the gig for free, rather than the 600€$ he was going to charge a non-nomad.
    • V can suggest Anna Hamill to leave Night City and find a nomad clan to join.
  • Gig: Freedom of the Press
    • If one managed to keep Max Jones calm and not shoot himself, eventually V can offer him the option to put him in touch with some nomads, to join them and give himself a break, but Max will decline the offer, saying that it's not his style to take a break from responsability.


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