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Nokota Manufacturing, also known as Nokota Defense Inc. (NDI),[1] is a weapons and optics manufacturer in Cyberpunk 2077.


Nokota is known for their inexpensive arms that are reliable and powerful.[2]


After the First Corporate War left the world economy decimated, most businesses could only afford second-rate security from less-than-reputable back alley firms with mostly substandard equipment, and soon even the largest and most successful of these businesses were forced to sell their holdings to one of the megacorporations to remain afloat. But even the biggest megacorps weren't capable of outfitting and maintaining an armed force, so they turned to the then dozens of arms manufacturers that were springing up in the wake of the conflict. And Nokota was one of those startups.

During the period of rising tension between the various megacorps in the late 2010s, Nokota Manufacturing recognized the need among corporate security forces for a simple weapon that was durable, easy to handle and could be fitted with nearly any aftermarket modification available. Though many similar weapons already existed on the market, most of them were limited to modifications produced by the parent manufacturer. Thus the D5 Copperhead was born.

Independent arms suppliers and private security contractors saw a massive revenue influx as rival megacorps hired them to protect themselves and their assets from each other. Nokota saw its highest profits with the smaller subsidiaries that handled the actual transportation of goods and people between locations, supplying hired guns with their latest lethal creation. It's extremely popular for its mobility, versatility and ease of use and maintenance, but still outperformed by weapons from higher-tier manufacturers.

Products Line-Up 2077[]

Type Products
Assault Rifles D5 Copperhead, D5 Sidewinder
Sniper Rifles NDI Osprey
Scopes E255 Percipient, E305 Prospecta
Muzzles RC-7 Zaar


  • Based on the name and the logo, the company is likely inspired after the Nokota horse.


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