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No Easy Way Out is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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This job can be started after completing Spider and the Fly. Coach Fred will message you with a request to help a fellow boxer named Aaron. Follow the objective marker to the boxing ring near the center of Dogtown to find Aaron, who requests your help reaching a particular ripperdoc, Damir Kovac, who happens to be associated with the Scavengers.

Go to Terra Cognita. Outside the scav hideout, Aaron will concede that he is in hot water with the Animals. The gang supported his fighting career but, along with his implants, saddled him with a chip that could be remotely triggered to render him unconscious, thus throwing his matches. Aaron suspects that Angie, a pack-leader of the Animals, is out to get him, which is why he needs Damir to remove the implant.

You will need to pass through the hostile scav hideout, whether by force or stealth, to reach Damir's clinic. After a brief exchange, sit in the nearby wheelchair to pass time until Damir finishes the procedure.

Time will pass, and the operation will be a success, but Angie will appear while Aaron is still under sedation. She offers you a cut of the winnings if you agree to leave and let Aaron take the fall.

Agree to Angie's deal:

A few days later, Angie will ask to meet at the boxing ring in Dogtown, where she will reward you €$22,000. Coach Fred will message you, lamenting that you couldn't help Aaron.

Refuse Angie's deal:

If you refuse to cooperate with Angie, you'll have to fight her and the two Animals accompanying her. Angie will drop the iconic power pistol Cheetah, and you and Aaron will be able to leave freely. However, a few days later, Aaron will request that you meet him at the Dream Gig Bar in Dogtown. When you arrive, a server will mention that they spotted Aaron with some Animals in the alley out back. There, you'll find Aaron's dead body near the dumpster. Johnny will appear to speak his mind, and Coach Fred will send a final message to you, concluding this job.

Threaten Angie:

This option is only available if you defeated Sasquatch during I Walk the Line
Angie will be intimidated and back off, and Aaron will awake unharmed. If you tell Aaron to throw the fight (or you mention his past), he will throw the fight but later find satisfaction as a coach for kids in Dogtown. If you convince Aaron to fight, he will lose and travel to Costa Rica where he will try again for a career as a professional fighter.

Regardless of choice, you will be able to leave the scav base in safety and will receive €$5,000, on top of any other rewards.

Journal Entry[]

Look, V. This Aaron choom is a big-handed bastard who knows how to handle himself in hot water. Sure, we gotta help each other out and all that, but watch your back. You're about to walk into the lion's den. I know you're all about helping lost souls and walking elderly ladies across the street, but please, PLEASE don't get killed assisting some lesser Dogtown boxer.


  • Read the message from Coach Fred.
  • Find Aaron.
    • Talk to the bookie. [Optional]
    • Wait until the fight ends.
  • Talk to Aaron.
  • Meet Aaron at Terra Cognita.
  • Wait for Aaron.
  • Follow Aaron.
  • Talk to Aaron.
  • Reach Damir's clinic with Aaron.
    • Defeat the Scavengers.
  • Talk to Damir.
  • Talk to Aaron.
  • Wait for the procedure to end.
  • Talk to Damir.
  • Talk to Angie.
    • Defeat the Animals.
  • Talk to Aaron.
  • Exit the scav hideout.
  • Wait for Aaron to reach out.
  • Read the message from Aaron.
  • Meet Aaron at the Dream Gig bar.
  • Ask the server about Aaron.
  • Check the alley behind the bar.
  • Talk to Johnny.

Associated Shards[]


  • Aaron will meet V at Terra Cognita at 9 PM.
  • After meeting Aaron, leaving the area instead of entering the scav hideout will fail the job.
  • Damir will finish performing surgery on Aaron at 8 AM.


  • The title of the job comes from the 1985 Robert Tepper song, "No Easy Way Out", from the Rocky IV motion picture soundtrack.