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The No-Tell Motel is a location in Cyberpunk 2077.


The No-Tell Motel is a five story, AI operated hotel[1] located in Kabuki. It is known for being used to conduct clandestine meetings between individuals, and is frequently used by joytoys and their clients.

The hotel is rundown, dirty and covered in graffiti both inside and out. It offers few amenities other than a couple of vending machines located in the lobby where guests can purchase refreshments. The layout consists of a large atrium topped with a glass ceiling, allowing the room to be filled with natural light. The staircase on the first floor leads to balconies on each upper floor surrounding the atrium, following these balconies around the atrium leads guest to a single corridor where rooms are located on each side.

In 2077, room 204 of the hotel was the designated meeting place for V and Jackie Welles to hand over the prototype Relic after successfully stealing it from the the penthouse of Konpeki Plaza.[2]

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