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Nix is a former corpo, and a netrunner in service to Rogue, operating from the Afterlife.


Nix is a well-known underground netrunner, spreading his reach through the fixer Rogue, consequentially exchanging services for influence. He will express particular interest in Old Net netrunning tech, particularly those used by Rache Bartmoss. Depending on the life path chosen, it is possible to pry out a bit of personal information from him, such as his involvement in the corporate world, which led, possibly inadvertedly, to abandoning his old life. In as few words as possible, he admits to being part of the negotiations between Arasaka and N54 regarding a cyberpsycho scandal in the defense department. Precisely, he was the very leak. However, he managed to not get flatlined and instead now lives and works independently of either group.

In their first conversational exchange, Nix asks V to purchase a package for him, specifically a Spellbook from before the DataKrash. If V accepts, Nix provides the contact info of the seller, R3n0, who in turn texts them where to meet for the transaction. V ends up obtaining an exceedingly rare piece of tech: a Zetatech XPR tablet from 2020. If V hands over the Spellbook as agreed, Nix is pleased that things went smoothly. If V has enough Intelligence to recognize that Nix misled them about the true value of the antique tablet, they can insist on being paid more. Nix concedes V's point and provides a bonus, but he warns V not to press him like that again.

A second business encounter with Nix is possible once V heads far southeast into the Badlands, whether by randomly-obtained coordinates or simply by free exploration. An unusual freezer will be sitting in the garbage, awaiting for V to investigate, and, by doing so, they may obtain a very interesting cyberdeck. Bringing it to Nix to decode is the next step on this mysterious path, and be warned, the cyberdeck contains RABIDS. Once the netrunner starts decoding it, his life will be in danger and up to V to save his life. Two choices are available, simply shutting the power down or hacking into his computer. The second is more favorable due to the possibility to both save the data and his life, for which he will be extremely grateful.[1]

Database Entry[]


Anyone who amounts to anything should know Nix. He's the go-to netrunner in town for tasks others refuse to take even for fat stacks. Shady and dangerous work is right up his street, though Nix isn't some crazy cyberspace cowboy - he's just an experienced professional who's done his homework on analyzing and deciphering the shreds of knowledge left behind by legendary 'runner Rache Bartmoss. He also had a corpo stint, which he certainly doesn't share often, but which he counts among the most teachable periods in his life. No matter which suit he wore, it always felt too tight - literally and metaphorically. He's now one of Rogue's most trusted netrunners and is keen to keep it that way.

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