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The Nissan-Ford FanMaster is a vehicle introduced in Chromebook Volume 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

Can't afford avgas? Why not try a cheaper and more low tech alternative? The FanMaster is a common sight both in the city and outside city limits (especially in areas where roads are limited or non-existent). Its large cargo capacity, reliability and durability make this the perfect vehicle for the outdoorsperson on the go, or for an intercity trip with the furniture. Built to military suspension specifications, if you can get there on a hoverfan, the FanMaster will get you there! It's even fully amphibious![1]
Maneuver Speed: 25 mph
Fuel Efficiency: 20 mph
Fuel Capacity: 25 gallons CHOOH2
Special Equipment: The FanMaster can carry 750 kg of cargo in the back bed. Enclosed rear vans are available (add 2,000 eb to cost) for in-city vans and runaboats.
Game Notes: The FanMaster is also a fully amphibious, hoverfan vehicle (although it can't Ry). As long as it is not carrying more than 250 kg of cargo, it can drive right into water and float. Its low-power fan blade system allows it to drive at 5 mph speed (Acc/Dec 1 mph per phase) overwater. Its maneuvering is terrible, though: -3 to all maneuvering rolls while in water.[1]


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