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Nippon Sourcebook

The Nippon sourcebook is a sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020 detailing the Japan, Arasaka family, and other people, countries, and corporations of the far east. It is the Japanese version of the Pacific Rim Sourcebook.

The book is written in-universe in a similar style to a travel guide and gives information on Japan and other countries in the far east.

Several smaller Asian countries are included such as Myanmar, Laos, Singapore and Brunei as well as New Zealand and Hawaii.

Several new roles have been created, such as the Pirate, Private Investigator, spy and Runners. Classes like the Solo have alternate roles, such as the Shinobi and Tatsujin, who focus more on martial arts than guns.


  • Despite being the Japanese version of the Pacific Rim Sourcebook, it actually is very different. It has exclusive content in terms of Shadow Run and Tokyo Nova scenarios and many more. The book also contains more information on Japan and Korea than it's american counterpart. The book also has exclusive art done by Tamiko Shinshi a manga artist from Japan. This book also has an extensive look at the Arasaka clan and their roles in Cyberpunk.