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Nina Mona is a Japanese gang that appears in the Cyberpunk 2020 pen n paper RPG.


The Nina Mona is a bosozoku gang originating from Kobe, Japan. The gang is made up of 16 to 20 year old rebel kids who oppose the corporate imbalance of the country and who more specifically oppose the government for allowing this to happen. These rebellious kids often can't use much cyberware so instead have a heavy focus on katanas, knifes, bats, and custom vehicles ranging from cycles to modded cars. In the Nina Mona style is the game, and often their vehicles will be modded so much it wouldn't represent it's original design.

The Nina Mona will also sport leather black trench coats with lots of Japanese phrases and Kanji that shows there rebellious nature. After terrorizing the corporates on the Kobe streets, they expanded to the Osaka streets to also harass the corporates as well as the everyday citizen and salaryman.


  • The Nina Mona is a real life bosozoku gang that existed in the 1980s and has a minor exist in modern day Japan. The Nina Mona are only mentioned in the Japanese Nippon Sourcebook released by Yellow Submarine. The NPCs stats can also be found here as well.