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What IS Night Corporation? Richard Night's legacy. The foundation stone of Night City. Its silent, watchful guardian.

— Night Corp website, Cyberpunk 2077

Night Corporation[3] (commonly stylized as Night Corp) is headquartered in Night City. Night Corp is a unique enterprise as it puts its full attention on Night City and its affairs. The company is the largest contractor of public procurements within the boundaries of NC, building and renovating facilities such as roads, bridges, tunnels, metro lines, power plants, net transmitters, waterworks, and sewerage. Night Corp is also known for their charities designed to aid the poor children of Night City, and scholarship programs to benefit gifted youth — Jefferson Peralez was among them. The company is also heavily invested in research for ecology and alternate power sources.[2]

Originally founded by Richard Night as Night International[1][4] (or Night Industries[5]), it was later restructured into Night's Foundation in 1999 by Richard's wife and widow Miriam Night, and later again into Night Corporation.[2]


1990s - 2020[]

Richard Night founded Night International during the early 1990s to gain the resources to create his utopian dream of Coronado City, which would later be known as Night City.[1] After his death in 1998, his wife Miriam Night restructured the company and founded Night's Foundation in 1999. The company's official primary goal was to protect and promote Richard Night's vision of the perfect city.[2]

During the infamous Mob War set between 2009 and 2011, the foundation attempted to gain megacorporate support to end the reign of crime in the city, but to no avail. After the conflict, Night's Foundation was restructured, returning to its corporate roots, and renamed to Night Corporation — Night Corp for short. Allegedly, Miriam realized that to have any power in the city, you have to play by the rules of the big businesses to get ahead. Since then, the corporation remained a constant presence in Night City, expanding their field of activity but avoiding power struggles with other major corporations. Although Miriam would eventually step down from the role of CEO long before the 2070s, her legacy and ideals were always upheld by her successors.[2]

2020 - 2060s[]

After the AHQ Disaster of 2023, Night Corp offered generous pay and free cyberware and biomonitor upgrades to anyone willing to help clean up the crater of radioactive rubble at ground zero. Both the corporation and the City Council claimed that casualties were kept to a minimum, while at the same time they did not provide official statistics to substantiate said claim. Nevertheless, they have never been under pressure to release such documents since most rescue, engineering, and rubble cleanup teams were not local Night Citizens, but nomads — especially from the Aldecaldo nation.[6]

In 2030, Night Corp gave a grant to the recently founded Ziggurat corporation in order to help them transform the old fiber-optic Data Term network into a new system — creating one of the first CitiNets and Data Pools in the world — and restore cheap and reliable communication across NC.[5]

In 2068, NCART was bought out by Night Corp after an incident in which unknown attackers released poison gas in the subway stations across Night City, leading to prolonged riots and NCART's bankruptcy.[7]


By 2077, Night Corp was nominated as the fifth biggest and best corporation to work for in Night City, due to an announcement of reducing mandatory workweek hours to 80.[8] The company was considered the leader in providing top-tier investment opportunities,[3] and were sponsoring the NC Corsairs football team, giving them exclusive rights to cyberware equipment designed in the company's top-secret "Football Science Lab."[9]

Around this time, Sandra Dorsett — an employee of the corporation — stole information from Night Corp on a databank, which was something Sandra wished to expose to the public. The databank itself contained the information on tests the corporation had conducted using an AI to condition its own employees. The AI was designed to control not just their workers, but other figures Night Corp deemed useful to them.[10]

Night Corp was involved in many infrastructure projects. They had already finalized their conceptual engineering efforts with the aim of revitalizing the maglev system in Night City, expecting it would one day connect Corpo Plaza with the NUSA's East Coast. The corporation began to repair sections of the old network, as well as drilling a new tunnel beneath the city foundations from its construction site on the Badlands to the north east. Construction was expected to finish in 2078, with the first connections operational by the end of said year, and with the city of Chicago by 2080.[3]

Database Entry (2077)[]

Night Corporation


If there's one thing Night Corp is known for, it's secrecy – nobody really knows how much the corporation is worth, what its main source of revenue is, nor how many people it employs.

The corporation is part Richard Night's legacy, the visionary industrialist who laid the bedrock of Night City. It was founded by Night's widow, Miriam, who used the money her late husband left behind to build it from the ground up and structure it around Night's ideals and principles. For many years, Miriam was the CEO of Night Corp before the helm was taken over by much less competent figures, who ultimately lost the race with Arasaka and Militech – both of whom ultimately came to wield the most power in Night City. Now, Night Corp's glory days are long behind it. After years of progressive degeneration, Night Corp's influence waned to nearly non-existent. Still, outside of managing its own capital, Night's successors have maintained a significant say in matters pertaining to public administration and pro-social causes. Public road works, construction and conserving institutions for the public good, revitalizing the Maglev system – these are only a handful of projects financed by Night Corp.

More well-known beneficiaries include the NCPD and MaxTac, which are still partly financed by the Night Corp's shrinking coffers. It seems there are still those in the company's rather mysterious structure who have not lost faith in the vision of the city's founder. Even if cheapened by corporate slogans and guided primarily by politcal interests, the merits of Night Corp's role in the Free City's history cannot be diminished. In fact, with this in mind, some residents have expressed they wish for the day Night Corp returns to a position of true power.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Night Corp's seclusive and often downright secretive policies have become the subject of much speculation over the years. This topic comes from time to time, until it loses public interest, is proven to be a hoax, or is shut down by corporate authorities. Night Corp supposedly owns their own satellites, and rumors also tell of their underwater works in Del Coronado Bay, secretive engagement in mayoral elections, and their shares in the orbital station projects. Any potential attempts by the press or by other corporations to uncover the truth have failed so far. Despite being a public contracting company, Night Corp has very tight security, and it seems that none of the other corporations want to mess with them on their own territory.


  • The Database Entry for Night Corp in Cyberpunk 2077 appears when choosing Panam's path during the final phase of the game.



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