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The Night City Police Headquarters (also known as Southside Central Precinct #3) is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


The NCPD headquarters was a maximum security facility equal to any Federal Prison in the United States, constructed on the site of the original Southside Police Precinct #3.

The sub-basement was originally designed as a fallout shelter. It contained the armory and weapon repair section, a seventy-foot firearm range, and four evidence storage vaults. The upper basement was completely committed to underground parking of police cruisers, officer's personal vehicles, and assorted police ground vehicles. Light technical and repair facilities for refueling and maintenance were also found here.

The first floor contained the entry mezzanine, booking offices, and a small commissary. The second through eighth floors houses department offices, holding cubicles, and interview rooms. Each floor contained a specific criminal division.

Home to the new Criminal Court Division, the redesigned ninth and tenth floors were devoted entirely to judicial and sentencing sections. Totally streamlined and automated, it is here that alleged criminals are tried and if found guilty, sentenced for their acts. The eleventh floor contained the Forensics department, computer operations, and file rooms.

The thirteenth through sixteenth floors contained the jails, with a total capacity of two hundred forty inmates. The sixteenth floor housed all female prisoners and food preparation, while the seventeenth and eighteenth floors each held thirty-six single-occupancy, high-security cubicles per floor. These cells were used for cyberpsychosis cases, terrorists and politically high-risk prisoners, plus convicted felons awaiting transportation to State prisons. All these cells were monitored by hidden videocams monitored from consoles on the 19th floor. The twentieth floor was devoted to the Police Tactical COMM center and air tactical control.

The top of the roof was designated for air operations to and from the building, and includes a large radome, a hangar storage facility, and a small control tower for flight direction of police aircraft and any civilian aircraft wishing to legally takeoff or land at any civilian air-pad within a ten block radius. The rooftop and landing pads were reinforced in 2018 for AV-4 use, and could handle four aircraft.[1]

Night City Police Headquarters is situated in Night City's Little China sector of downtown.


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